Our first steps on the West Coast.

Well we have landed in East LA.  There is a cacophony of sounds, from fireworks every night setting off car alarms, ice cream trucks ( often 2 or 3 at a time), car horns and little ol’ ladies shouting about and selling their wares on the street.  It really is little Mexico.  We have reconnected with many friends and have had many opportunities already to share about Life is Full of Choices with family and friends.   We are getting used to being full-time missionaries together and what that means, our job roles etc.  I (Sally) am enjoying time alone in worship and prayer in the stillness of the early morning, John and I have both enjoyed the time of communal living and prayer with our good friends and colleagues, John and Sheryl.  John is really enjoying reconnecting with his family.  Please pray that God would help us organize our time, open up opportunities to meet with people and build relationships with churches.

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