Maybe just once is enough!

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The Recovery Course has been going well this Fall, with over 50 people participating, and over 20 regulars.  The exciting thing is that even visiting one time can have an impact. Meet Dennis: Dennis came once, then disappeared.  It happens. … Continue reading

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             Sitting with a counselor, discussing some really difficult, tragic scenarios, she reminded me that we have the privilege to serve out of weakness. This is an easy thing to say, not such an easy concept to live out in reality.  Am I prepared to admit that I do not have all the answers, that to really live in Christ is to walk against the grain of today’s culture? How can Christ possibly be “All in all” to someone whose saviour is the razor blade? or the top executive caught up in the world of achievement or success? So often I hear, either directly, or indirectly, that Jesus is not enough, that He doesn’t fill the emptiness.  Yet, He tells us, through His Word (2 Corinthians 12:9) that His grace is sufficient.

I do not have the answer to all the complex issues I hear almost daily, I often do not have the emotional strength to handle all the bombarding as people fight the truth in their pain.  There have been times recently when the tears have flowed out of exhaustion and the pain of others.  I can always speak the Name of Jesus into a story, a hurt, a pain and  His strength is real and tangible.

I do know I cannot do this work alone, nor can the person with a tragic history change alone.  We need Jesus.  We also need each other; the joy this week of two close friends calling me after a particularly strenuous and emotional Wednesday.

Be a tangible Jesus to a hurting friend!  You may a desperately needed bridge between your friend and the Saviour!

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It has been a while and life has been very full. No other explanation! A couple of weeks ago, a friend invited John and me in for a cup of tea.  Well, it was an interesting experience. We waited at … Continue reading

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Everyday Moments

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Wow that was a moment! Lord! I can’t solve this one! Wish I could! As I was traveling on the train into work, I happened to be alone, or nearly alone, in our carriage. I was just staring out of … Continue reading

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Recovery and Community

One of the essential features of recovery work is community. Actually, this truth has become much more embedded in me since beginning this work among the deeply struggling. I have been provoked to consider this topic more deeply especially since … Continue reading

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Meet a couple of our guests

We asked Mr. T to share his story with us, imagine a very thick Irish accent: “ I grew up in Ireland and had a pretty traumatic childhood. My father misused me in unimaginable ways. I watched my father with … Continue reading

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London 2015

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 London a fascinating mix of old and new. We are enjoying this city a great deal. A well known iconic structure and a celebration of a friend’s birthday. This year has begun rather tragically with the loss of one of our … Continue reading

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Latest From London

Updates on the last two Recovery meetngs in the center of London: 6th Dec. This was an interesting meeting. We met in the kitchen area and there were five guests. We did a workshop on doing a “timeline.” This is … Continue reading

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Life in London

This post is for our friends back in the States, wishing all of you a very Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. Life has radically changed for us in respect to geography and how our days are structured but God is … Continue reading

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An Interview

In God’s world He is about heart transformation.   John and I were asked to recently to participate in a short interview: What will success look like for this ministry in 6 to 12 months time? Success is a difficult … Continue reading

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