Well, here we are in the UK!!

These four pictures really capture our first few days; worship, play, long talks with our new church family, John being included in a pod broadcast run by an Australian presenter, walks in the British countryside and revisiting the history of … Continue reading

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We are still waiting!

Nearly across the country! At 2256 miles as I write! I have a love-hate relationship with technology!  I expect most of us do.  I am able to write and complete office tasks on the go, exactly as I am doing … Continue reading

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We are waiting!

To go or not to go on Friday, that is the question!  Yesterday, I updated the front page of our blog page and somehow it was sent out as a blog.  So I apologize for that!  Please check it out … Continue reading

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Life Is Full Of Choices Europe

John and Sally Childress Missionaries with LIFOC

John and Sally Childress, Missionaries with LIFOC and Addiction workers with All Souls in the center of London.

Free! is a ministry to those struggling with Addictive Behaviors and thought patterns among ordinary everyday people as well as the homeless, the vulnerable and anyone practicing destructive habits. Bringing the joy, freedom and peace of Christ into difficult and extremely painful circumstances. 

Based in London, UK

John and Sally use their life stories, experience, biblical counsel, seminars, and printed material to encourage and give bible -based tools to those who have come to the end of themselves and truly want transformation. At present, they are working alongside All Souls, Langham Place to develop a Recovery ministry in the Westminster area of London. They are in the process of piloting new material to help kickstart work alongside the addicted in local churches across the UK and further afield.  

Dates and What’s on!!

Women’s Support Group 4 -5:30pm  Saturdays. Sunday Recovery prayer meeting 4pm -5pm every fourth week. Open group all welcome! At the Clubhouse, 141 Cleveland St. London W1 and All Souls Church, Langham Place for the Sunday group. We always welcome new participants.   NOT MEETING CHRISTMAS OR NEW YEARS EVE.  (contact: recoverycourse@allsouls.org).

A6 Postcard Front DRAFT (1)

Next Free!! September 20th – November 29th.  Join anytime.  This is a Thursday evening ministry lasting 1o weeks: 6:30 – 9:30 pm at the Clubhouse, 141 Cleveland St. London W1. This is an open group. Just show up. Refreshments and light dinner.  Check back here later in the summer for exact dates!!!

Sexual Issue Support Group for Men: Meeting every other Saturday from 9-11 am at the same venue.  Next meeting is on Saturday, September 8th. Sexual Issue Support Group for Women every Monday beginning September 17th. 

John’s book: The Addict’s Choices: From depths of isolation to heights of true deliverance is available on Amazon. Sally is working alongside John, helping lead the seminars, and finishing her PhD studies in Biblical Counseling.

They are available to speak internationally, and have been based in Europe since August 2014.

  addicts choice

Check out what this one reader from England had to say:

“A gripping story of one man’s battle to overcome a lifetime of addiction. The good times and the bad times and the struggle to make the right choices.
If you or you know of anyone who is looking for a way out of making bad choices in life then this book is a great place to start.”

Listen to their own journeys with addictive behaviors. Please click on the podcast image to download. It takes about a minute to download.

Our 4-part seminar is receiving very good reviews and if you would like us to come and present the seminar at your group or church please contact us at john.sallychildress@gmail.com

Check out John’s book: The Addict’s Choices. Available on www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com, look under John Wesley Childress

Join John and Sally on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Linkdin


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Down to the Last Few weeks!! We are excited!

John and I are preparing for our move to England.  We are moving forward at the same time as waiting for John’s Visa to come through.  We are in Elk Grove, CA at the moment visiting friends and listening to … Continue reading

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Pictures from ASLAN in London

Here are some pictures from our future work; volunteers and guests. We are looking forward to meeting many of them and working alongside.







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Surprise Surprise I cannot fix anyone!!!!


But what can I do?

This week I have spent time with people with a variety of intense issues from grief, burnout, marriage despair, anger, financial problems, cancer, ladies with a prison sentence on their back, depression to simply needing to make a major life-changing decision; life has come to a crossroads. I also deal with my own daily choices, reactions and a changing story. This is life and surprise surprise I cannot fix it all.

Yesterday John was in a women’s institution giving his testimony and I had the privilege watching the faces as the women listened to his story. I don’t know what I was expecting but it could have been any women’s group in any church except for the clothing and place. We are practically all one choice away, or pretty close to this, from having committed whatever any of these women had committed sometime in their life; a moment of weakness, anger, hurt, pain, greed, jealousy. But now they are literally a captive audience to the Gospel and hope of Jesus Christ and the freedom He brings even within the four walls of a prison building. He fixes I cannot.

I was introduced to a young lady afterwards, who was a prisoner in many ways, geographically and physically; having been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I looked into her eyes and I was blessed. There is absolutely no way that I can fix this for her but I can encourage and pray, lifting her soul up into Christ’s presence. I can come alongside someone and listen. I can share a meal. I can listen to the still small voice as God leads. Maybe there is something I can share but words have to be carefully chosen and at the right moment. I can deeply encourage another to stop their busyness even if only for a few moments to ask of God what he wants them to know about whatever situation they might be in. Maybe, just maybe God will speak back through His Word penetrating the soul. So much better than anything I could say.

Please consider sharing and contributing to www.gofundme.com/LIFOC-going-to-London as we seek to reach the addicted in the center of London.

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Brutally Honest

image   And the satraps, the prefects, the governors, and the king’s counselors gathered together and saw that the fire had not had any power over the bodies of those men. The hair of their heads was not singed, their cloaks were not harmed, and no smell of fire had come upon them.

I love the way God can use a story in His Word and bring it alive in a very relevant way. Sometimes the pain and fears we experience in life seem like the
furnaces. Very few of us will be literally thrown into a real fire, bound up like Daniel and his friends. However, I think the real significance here is that Jesus was with them, they were not even singed. They still had to go through the fire. Facing up to the fire is the first brutally honest step. Whatever it might be…He will bring us through, maybe not as quickly as we would like though!

I was writing this email recently in response to someone going through a personal fire:

This is where you are at the moment. God wants you to be brutally honest. A radical thought: sometimes a true acceptance of a painful place, surrendering to Gods most perfect will, painful or not, is exactly where God would have you be. He is interested in Your soul and sometimes our souls can only be molded to be like Christ in the suffering. He is not in a hurry to take the suffering away because He knows what our souls needs. Yes, My flesh sure hates this. James 1.

Bring all to God, the joys and the painful moments and ask God what He wants you to know about each thing. Then listen. Ask Him to help you do this and then watch the God of the universe mold you as He wants. The best.

Learning and choosing to love your husband moment by moment in the midst of all of this is tough but a calling on your life. God reminded me the other day that He has called me to be a wife. It is a sacred calling and I need help to do this. It sometimes means loving and respecting not only when I don’t feel like it but also when nothing comes back in return. Boy I have blown this sometimes. These guys need us and we each have our own unique guy to love.

Yes Lord please help us.

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Three Months until we Go!

Planning, Preparing, Trusting!

On a human level I love having my ducks all in a row, all controlled, knowing exactly what is happening and the resources all nicely sitting where I need them to be.

You may be scratching your head and thinking, ” and this gal is a missionary?”

I wish missionary and incredible faith were synonymous but I struggle at times.
However, I am learning to trust moment by moment as see God provide my present needs. On the other hand, I am human and long for God to show us already how He will provide our final funding to get to London.

This has been a month of God touching my heart on a deeper level, dealing with fears (it has been a while since I have lived in England), teaching me more about friendship and community living and simply preparing me and John for what may be ahead; people are sharing their painful stories with us and we are learning to grow in our listening skills, not only to others but to God Himself.

One thing about fear that is interesting; the presenting fear (worry about money) may not be the real bottom line fear. There may be something else going on that God wants to reveal. Just ask Him!

Well, we are going to be in Los Angeles until the middle of June, then a trip up to Northern California, back to LA for a couple of weeks to finalize packing and then cross country to Wilmington, ending up in Tennessee before flying out to London from Atlanta. At least these are the plans at the moment. God willing!

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I’m Stumped!

A stump might be all that is left!! If God’s seed is there it is worth it!!!


I recently read one of my favorite chapters in the Bible; Isaiah 6. I did my usual thing, asking God to show me what He wanted to show me as I read this chapter. This time instead of the amazing holiness of the throne and Isaiah’s reaction I stopped right at the end of the chapter at the word “stump.”

God is angry. His people have sinned against Him. They have walked away and God starts stripping away until simply a stump is left. The stump is His holy seed.

Sometimes, the only thing that works is for God to strip everything of comfort away. He wants our attention. He wants all of us, even if it means for us to get to rock bottom before He begins to build us up. This might be that a loved one may have to lose everything and end up on the streets before they come to their senses and turn to God, crying for help. Sadly, some might choose to never reach this point. Others may choose to cry out for help before they reach the bottom.

It is difficult and sometimes very discouraging to walk aside those in the midst of addictive behaviors. Sometimes the prayer just has to be, “Lord, take everything away until they are sick of themselves and realize that they need help, most of all Your life.” A brave prayer to pray because the result might be very messy.

A stump might be all that is left!! If God’s seed is there it is worth it!!!

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