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John and I are at present in Hamburg, more exactly in Billstedt, a suburb off Hamburg. We are staying with our Polish/German friends, Artur and Iwona. Please pray that they grow closer to Christ in all they do. They are having financial struggles at the moment and need some relief.
I, Sally, am having fun re-connecting with German and John is pretty much immersed. Pray that communication continually improves as we seek to connect with as many people as possible. Last Saturday we enjoyed walking around the small lake in the center at dusk. Was so very beautiful with the reflection of light in the water and the lights of the tall buildings alongside the shadows of the churches. We even caught part of an outside street concert which was surrounded by small market kiosks selling delectable goodies.

The following is the beginning of a few pictures. I will add more as we continue and I remember to download them off the camera.

Some of the towns are so picturesque and old: the first picture is a very common street in the French part of Switzerland.

There is a night picture of me walking down the driveway of “Jolimont” in Switzerland…I just loved the space, quietness and countryside. At thee moment these walks are my best times with God and prayer.

Thee dog is Nala, a Swiss mountain dog belonging to my brother in London.

My dad is opening a bottle of wine and the dining room was the main room at “Jolimont” our family holiday home in Switzerland. ( Not ours personally but belonging to the whole “de Pury” family worldwide) This is in the Jura mountains, near Erlach.

John is catching up with some computer work as we traveled on the train to Hamburg.

The headstone is that of my Great uncle in Switzerland.

Our major prayer concerns God’s will for us as we have received a significant offer from London to work there as missionaries to create a Christ-centered, biblically based ministry in the center of London.









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