Press Release for The Addict’s Choices

For Immediate Release

Date 05/01/2013


The Addict’s Choices—From Depths of Isolation to Heights of True Deliverance

A new book by John Wesley Childress

Released and available for purchase.


A child of the drug culture of the 60’s and a drug addict for over 30 years, John Wesley Childress graphically portrays his story in this heart-touching book.  While addiction is an affliction for many, there is hope.  And that is the message of this timely book.

The Addict’s Choices is available NOW at (website).  Purchase your copy at a 15% discount.

“This is an intensely personal book that tries to convey my journey from the depths of addiction into the heights of a new life in Christ Jesus.  In that journey, I have found less evidence that addiction is a disease, and more evidence that it is simply sin, which is a choice. This truth may not be very popular but that does not change the fact that it is a truth, one which I have discovered and experienced in my life.”

For those who are addicted, or for those who know someone who is, The Addict’s Choices offers real hope and the means to be free of addiction once and for all.  It’s all about choices and consequences.  Learn the choices that can release any person from addiction and place them on the heights of deliverance.

Buy your copy of The Addict’s Choices NOW at

This book will touch your soul.  It is a must-read.

Where real life and meaning matter, you will see clearly that God has a plan for every addict, no matter the degree of addiction.  This journey is worth it, because every addict is worth it to God.


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