Robbing God of His Glory


John loves to take pictures.  He will take pictures that simply reflect the simplicity and glory of God in His creation.  When John takes a picture, he has to stop, look intently and deeply at what image he wants to reflect, then frame the image and take the picture.

What image do we want to reflect? God made us in His image.  Is this the image we are reflecting or are we robbing God of His glory?

John and I are increasingly hearing accounts of sad, sad choices that have led people down a precarious and tragic path, especially in the world of addictions.

John was recently at a prayer meeting where a pastor related his disappointing and foolish choice of going down the path of lust and pornography.  He lost everything before God restored his path many years later.  John remembered one poignant statement: “when I was in this world of spiraling addictive behaviors, I was robbing God of His glory.”

I really don’t want to do this. We have to be on our guard.  John is fond of saying that we are all just one choice away of spiraling down the wrong path.

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