Sally’s Journey with Biblical Counseling

In 1998 I traveled to Germany to be on a church planting team in Hamburg Germany.  I was single at the time and  had suffered with various bouts of depression for on and off 15 years.  Through truly Christ -centered biblical counseling, God healed me of depression, giving me the tools to live free of  this debilitating condition.

Since this time I have completed a lay course in Germany, completed over many weekends.  In 2000 I began a MA in Biblical Counseling with a Concentration in Women’s Studies and now I am in the middle of a PhD in Biblical Counseling.  I am just about to tackle my final course before embarking on dissertation.

My thoughts, as I have journeyed alongside many women, are that there is a need for a true joy to shine through our walk in Christ.  Many Christians have seemingly lost this joy.  I desire to explore the biblical concept of joy and what suffocates this joy in the lives of women.  I suspect the busyness and fast paced Western society, losing the art of quietness and trust. plays a significant role in this loss.

If you desire to contact me further please fill in the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I am available for counsel:  face to face, online and via Skype.


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