Sometimes God simply places someone in your path!!!

Eventful Tuesday

Eventful Tuesday

Last Tuesday was eventful in more ways than one! Not only was the weather very demonstrative but it seems God had something to tell me about listening to Him!

John and I stopped at a rest stop somewhere in New Mexico and right next to us a white SUV parked and a man jumped out and lit up a cigarette.  I had the thought of just sharing one of our tracts with him.  I pushed the thought aside………probably shyness…I do let that get in the way sometimes.

Then we stopped at a gas station and the same people were there…….I had the same thought….

Then we met them miles later a third time at another truck stop…this time I said “OK” and simply walked up to the guy and gave him the tract.  I have no idea, and probably never will know, of the result.  That is not the point!  The point is to listen and act!

God is also very persistent.  This time he gave me three opportunities to overcome my fears…..

I am in the process of learning to fear and deeply love God more than man.  May this path deepen every day!!

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  1. Marcy Schönke says:

    I really like this message – it speaks to my heart because it speaks of my experiences – how patient, yet persistent is our loving Lord who loves the whole world! Thanks for sharing this – and let’s pray for each other and for our brothers and sisters who sometimes suffer from timidity and fears, so that we all can overcome them and reach out to the lost! That dear person in the SUV will never forget you! And I can hear the angels in heaven already rejoicing! (Luke 15: 10)

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