Surprise Surprise I cannot fix anyone!!!!


But what can I do?

This week I have spent time with people with a variety of intense issues from grief, burnout, marriage despair, anger, financial problems, cancer, ladies with a prison sentence on their back, depression to simply needing to make a major life-changing decision; life has come to a crossroads. I also deal with my own daily choices, reactions and a changing story. This is life and surprise surprise I cannot fix it all.

Yesterday John was in a women’s institution giving his testimony and I had the privilege watching the faces as the women listened to his story. I don’t know what I was expecting but it could have been any women’s group in any church except for the clothing and place. We are practically all one choice away, or pretty close to this, from having committed whatever any of these women had committed sometime in their life; a moment of weakness, anger, hurt, pain, greed, jealousy. But now they are literally a captive audience to the Gospel and hope of Jesus Christ and the freedom He brings even within the four walls of a prison building. He fixes I cannot.

I was introduced to a young lady afterwards, who was a prisoner in many ways, geographically and physically; having been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I looked into her eyes and I was blessed. There is absolutely no way that I can fix this for her but I can encourage and pray, lifting her soul up into Christ’s presence. I can come alongside someone and listen. I can share a meal. I can listen to the still small voice as God leads. Maybe there is something I can share but words have to be carefully chosen and at the right moment. I can deeply encourage another to stop their busyness even if only for a few moments to ask of God what he wants them to know about whatever situation they might be in. Maybe, just maybe God will speak back through His Word penetrating the soul. So much better than anything I could say.

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