The Addict’s Choices Part One

The book website is up:  This is now open for pre-sales.  Please share this with your friends and help us promote this candid look at addictions, choices and responsibility.  It is a book not only for those struggling but also those who want to come alongside and help. Each chapter has life lessons and applications.  Here is an excerpt from ch. 1:

Chapter 1
Addiction Was My Choice
Perhaps this was also your experience—especially if in 2013 you are, or were, about 59 years of age. I grew up in the cocktail generation, well towards the end of it to be more precise. It was like the Dick Van Dyke Show: folks got off of work, went home, and mixed a carafe of very dry martinis. The choice to drink was not only accepted, but from my perspective as a kid it was encouraged, perhaps even required. Not only was there the nightly cocktail hour, but also the occasional cocktail party, where on a couple of occasions I was even drafted to play bartender and waiter. I watched the adults around me choose drinking as part of enjoying social interaction and, being a perpetually overweight and introverted teenager, this choice appealed to me, too………..

The Life Application (an example found later in book)
Why do you think that using drugs motivates a person to use more drugs? What parts do pressures from peers play in this?

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