The Choice to be Alone


The choice to be alone is sometimes not all that easy. We often live very busy lives, full of noise and distractions. Even when we are “alone” we are not really alone. The distractions of life in this technological, computer age fill our brains. There was a time when being “alone” was a significant part of my day. I could get up in the morning, prepare my coffee, sit and read the Word and spend time in prayer for a couple of hours. I longed then for human companionship. This was before social media really took off.

Now I have choices to make. The first one is to do with my willingness:

a) Am I willing to choose to make time to be alone with my Savior.
b) What do I need to choose to do to do this?

Firstly, yes I really want to choose my Savior over all else.

Now what?

I have to choose a good time and place.

I have to choose not to turn on social media.

Last week I went on two really long walks.
This week I found a comfortable chair in the attic.
I also need to let John know that is what I am doing.

I also have to choose to remember that it takes me at least 30 minutes of sitting quietly, reading the Word, listening to worship music
before I begin to truly quieten down.

Just thoughts

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  1. Carol says:

    Bless you, Sally and John!
    Thanks so much for these thoughts and reminders: that how we spend our days is a conscience choice and we have power in making our lives fruitful when we are in line with God’s will. Let us not get caught up in the busy-ness of life, but, stop, to make the choice to share a Starbuck’s coffee or cup of frozen yogurt with the Lord. How will we know what our next steps will be if we don’t ask Him for our direction? Joy in Him!

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