The Choice to Let God be God

imageThe choice to let God be God in every detail of our lives is difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible.  This road or path is narrow.  When we ask God what He wants us to know in any circumstance, we need to do this with the preparedness to receive an answer that cuts through our preconceived ideas, thoughts and desires.  It also means that even when our emotions seem so powerful and seem to speak so strongly, God may speak to us and contradict our emotions. When we truly desire God’s purposes in our life are we really prepared to choose to accept what He says?

For so long now John and I have truly sensed a call to Europe. We had Germany in mind but this past year we have been presenting this to God in prayer and asking Him what He desires and where He wants us to go. We did not have London on our radar. Emotionally I would likely choose to go to Hamburg, my preconceived ideas, thoughts and desires said Hamburg but God has shown both John and me the needs and heartbeat of the city of London. My job now is to receive this and allow God to direct our paths. The result of truly listening is a sense of peace, contentment and freedom.


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