The Choice to Move On

Sometimes there is a heart wrenching moment in life when you have tried hard to help someone, prayed for them, gone the extra mile but that individual just could not follow the path that God was clearly showing….there is a fine line between “could not” and “would not!”

This week I received a text letting me know that the lady that had been clean the week before had “moved on!”

Of course my first reaction was “why Lord?” and then “what did I do wrong?” before settling into this is often the journey when coming alongside others, who are so deeply entrenched in their sin-ridden addictive lives.

A friend filled me in on the story; not only was she a drug addict but also a sex addict, abused and mishandled for many years.  This is what she knows and just could not leave her life and would not allow others in to help her.  She had not become “sick enough” of her life yet to hit rock bottom.  This seems to be the path of many.  I pray for this woman, I pray that she will see Jesus looking at her, not with condemnation but grace, not with judgement but love.  I pray that there will be a break -through before it is too late…

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