The hardest thing to do is wait!

“Waiting is the hardest thing to do because it seems as if nothing is happening but it brings me back to the realisation that I am not the one in control…”


The day I was looking at the scene in the photo above it was so still, almost as if life itself had frozen in time. A beautiful quiet day.

Sometimes it seems as if God Himself has become so quiet, so silent.

The choice today is to hang on to what I do know, to the promises He has shown me in His Word.

I choose to recognize that God is in control, not me, but so often I long to be in control, it feels so much better. We have been so programmed that it is all about what we can achieve, what we can do.

I am far away from how I believe God really wants me to live, in complete faith and trust but I hope and pray that each day I move a little closer to the Source of true joy and contentment.

Please Lord, help me to surrender more of my own wants and desires …

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