The Normal Missionary Life



John and I love penguins!  We have a variety at home just like this motley bunch in the picture.  Everyone is different, from the size to the emotions they seem to express.  My life feels and looks like this.  Every day is different.  It is definitely not a 9-5pm type of day.
Take for example today:

John and and I began the day with our various beverages and the chose to pray together about our day and what God would have us focus on today, an important step because when we have no-one telling us or showing us what to do we need His wisdom to keep focused. We check our various devices for e-mails, facebook etc…post ourselves and decide what next.

We decided to take my shoes down to a cobbler on Whittier Blvd, these shoes still had lots more life and I needed to put a new button on one shoe. As we were driving I could not help noticing the disconnect between the beautiful English hymns we were listening to and the surroundings, we were bang in the middle of East LA: Little Mexico. I had to chuckle as this just reflects what I feel about my life, this time a juxtaposition of cultures colliding.

We then went to walk in the local mall; trying to shift some of that Christmas overindulgence before more shopping at Costco and the 99c store.

We then cooked lunch together and this afternoon are tackling the mountain of office work that most missionaries have to deal with. I just smile as I remember the guy that caught up with me years ago at a local church and just said words to this effect: “it must be so wonderful to be out there always sharing Jesus, everyday all day long!”

Yes, we do try to share Jesus as much as we can in whatever way we can but we are very ordinary people having the same ordinary tasks others have.

We are building up today to share with a brand new group on Sunday and as I work at correspondence, John is working at gaining new contacts, new people to share with and the fundraising that most missionaries spend much time doing, even “on field.”

Another day we might be making travel arrangements, trying to market John’s book, reading/research for a very slow moving PhD, working on the new “Recovery” ministry that we hope to take to London this year.

We love to cook together so most meals are spent together, and then like most people we collapse and rest in front of the “box” or with a good book in the evening. You might find John playing his guitar, maybe you might see us strolling around Downtown Disney, possibly sitting with a good friend eating pie after worship practice….. in between all of this I hope you will catch us talking with and pondering upon our wonderful Savior, without whom we can do nothing..

You see we are quite normal….or are we?



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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    The cute penguins really do look like the ones you have. How adorable!!!! What a great picture of your life. LOL

    Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable and share your daily life. May the Lord increase your funding and bless your ministry as you trust Him to provide.

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