This is what it is all about!


We were sitting around the kitchen table yesterday having an impromptu table talk (our name for staff meeting) and our guest suddenly piped up with great exuberance, “John and Sheryl, (our directors) you showed me what this is all about.  You opened your house to me, you accepted me just for who I was, I could spend all day in my robe and eat cereal and it didn’t matter you lived Christ for me! ”

I turned to John and he was watering up! John and Sheryl did this for us too!

This was only part of the story she shared.  She continued on to share that when she left she did the same for others.  With tears in our eyes, and passion in her voice, she continued:  “recently we have had to move back to my husband’s mom, and the saddest thing for me was that I was not able to open up my house for others!”

We thought the story ended here but she went on: ” We just got news that one of the people we had living with us last year opened her home to all who needed it for Easter!  She was our hands and feet!”

All this because John and Sheryl opened their home to this young lady and she chose to live this out to others, who in turn are living this out.

This is the essence of Life Is Full Of Choices; passing on the Truth and modeling Christ to the next generation one small step at a time.

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