Thoughts from Tennessee

homestead house

In Tennessee, John and I had the opportunity to spend some needed quiet time with our Savior.  We stayed at Homestead House, Ooltewah and embarked in a short couple of days retreat, partially silent.

As I was asking God, “What do You want me to know, what do You want to show me ?” and then resting in the quietness, reading passages of Scripture, not for more knowledge but simply to listen, one word jumped off the page from Matthew 14:  Alone.

Jesus often went off alone to spend time with His Father.  This seems such an elusive concept these days. Even when we are “alone” we are bombarded by mental activity stemming from our busy lives, or filling the time with entertainment or more work.

Jesus showed me in this chapter that being alone was synonymous with refreshment from the Father in order to go on with Kingdom work.

What does this mean?  How do I really do this?

  • Express this longing to the Father…a good starting point.
  • Begin to turn away from busy moments and spend a couple of minutes “alone.”
  • When in conversation with people, turn my ears to God in the stillness of my heart.  (I did this the other day and  I and my friend were able to stop and spend a much needed time of prayer).
  • Seek times when I can draw away for longer periods of time.
  • Turn off all entertainment devices and learn to enjoy the quiet.
  • Stop jabbering at God and learn to read His Word and sit still, waiting for His still small voice.

May God, our Abba, help me stop, and draw close to Him.

“And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray.  When evening came, he was there alone.” Matthew 14: 23



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