Three Months until we Go!

Planning, Preparing, Trusting!

On a human level I love having my ducks all in a row, all controlled, knowing exactly what is happening and the resources all nicely sitting where I need them to be.

You may be scratching your head and thinking, ” and this gal is a missionary?”

I wish missionary and incredible faith were synonymous but I struggle at times.
However, I am learning to trust moment by moment as see God provide my present needs. On the other hand, I am human and long for God to show us already how He will provide our final funding to get to London.

This has been a month of God touching my heart on a deeper level, dealing with fears (it has been a while since I have lived in England), teaching me more about friendship and community living and simply preparing me and John for what may be ahead; people are sharing their painful stories with us and we are learning to grow in our listening skills, not only to others but to God Himself.

One thing about fear that is interesting; the presenting fear (worry about money) may not be the real bottom line fear. There may be something else going on that God wants to reveal. Just ask Him!

Well, we are going to be in Los Angeles until the middle of June, then a trip up to Northern California, back to LA for a couple of weeks to finalize packing and then cross country to Wilmington, ending up in Tennessee before flying out to London from Atlanta. At least these are the plans at the moment. God willing!

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