We are still waiting!

alabamaNearly across the country! At 2256 miles as I write!

I have a love-hate relationship with technology!  I expect most of us do.  I am able to write and complete office tasks on the go, exactly as I am doing now looking out on the green landscape of Alabama!

Yet, switching off into rest mode has become increasingly more difficult for me this past year, since I set up a website and acquainted myself with social media.

When the Psalmist writes, ” be still and know that I am God” I am sure that he had no idea that thousands of years later people would be sitting still, yet brains and fingers going a thousand miles an hour, completing tasks that are far from still.

Anyway, John and I are on the road, expecting to reach our North Carolina destination this evening, where bbq and really good friends are awaiting us.

We are still waiting for John’s visa but are resting in God’s love and provision for us. We had a large financial burden lifted off our shoulders this week to clear ministry debt due to under funding over the past 2 years, (something we had asked God to settle before we left for Europe) for which we are very grateful and humbled, which will make ministering and living in the UK easier, freeing us up considerably to focus on what God has called us to.  We are still in the process of raising our monthly funding.

We are praying for the timing of the visa and the booking of the air flight ticket to come together perfectly.  Our biggest wish is to be able to make it over to Europe in time to go to All Soul’s “Cornerstone” week to build relationships with our new church family there!


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