We are waiting!

To go or not to go on Friday, that is the question! 

Yesterday, I updated the front page of our blog page and somehow it was sent out as a blog.  So I apologize for that!  Please check it out again for our upcoming itinerary: www.lifeisfullofchoiceseurope.com.

We are down to the wire, all packed, ready for our trip across country and still waiting for John’s visa approval.  Do we leave to go on Friday?  Do we wait?  These are our immediate questions.

As I ponder, I reflect that John and I have done our best to get ready and there are always unseen, last minute challenges.  These are circumstances!  I still have a choice how to react.  Last week was a packed full week as we received notification that The UK visa authorities needed more paperwork going back to the 70’s!  Much has been destroyed and some was on microfiche that john had to find himself, having put in some very long days.  We pray and ask you all to do the same, that we have found enough to satisfy the consulate people.  I choose not to worry!  sometimes not easy!  Sometimes I have to remind myself of this very regularly.  Philippians  4:6.

Both John and I try to regularly ask God what He wants us to know about certain circumstances or simply what he wants us to know today.  This really helps overcome much of our tendency to ask “why?”  Often a nugget of biblical truth will present itself as we meditate on and read Scripture.  Recently, reading in Isaiah 64, I landed on; “no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him…” 4b (ESV).  There is value and victory to be found in the waiting.  It is God who acts on our behalf.

Whether we leave Friday or not….? God is acting on our behalf.



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