What People are Saying about The Addict’s Choices! Part 2

Website SampleJohn, with simple vulnerability and daring, opens up his life for all to view. What we see is a personal war being waged for a soul God desired for Himself but a soul that kept giving itself to hollow and worthless pursuits. John highlights the choices he made which contributed to the downward spiral into an addiction cesspool. But we also see glimmers of the grace of God as John recounts numerous times he was spared from fatal disasters until the “hounds of God” captured him.

Hope is offered through reflections at the end of each chapter for those combating addictions. This story of redemption and deliverance challenges us to make good decisions lest we also entrap ourselves in addictive pursuits.

In the reality of John’s story, we observe the necessity for sound choices, the consequences of poor choices, and the hope of the best choices in a life emancipated by the grace and goodness of God. Read it and find help for the choices you make today.
~ Keith A. Kettenring, Ph.D. Homestead House Ministry

I have known John Childress for almost eight years and for almost two of those years he and his wife, Sally, have lived with us in community. I knew of his history, and as he became more familiar with the concept of “Life Is Full of Choices” I kept saying, “You should write a book.” In 2011 he started putting words on paper.
When he asked me to read his book I discovered the extent of his history and was blown away by how God had saved this man from the poor choices of his youth.

John is honest and forthcoming about his life and the power of his choices. This is a well written narrative. The high point of the book is when the redemptive power of God becomes a reality and the choices that follow are God-centered.
I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking release from their own addiction issues or dealing with someone who is addicted.
~ John Emra, Director Life Is Full Of Choices

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