Yes, I am still writing!!!!

A good friend asked me about my blogs yesterday and I realized I hadn’t written one since the 10th Dec.  I simply chose to take a break.

John and I have had a bout with the flu’ each, been up to Jamestown and Elk Grove, CA. We saw snow, experienced cold weather followed by a southern CA Christmas of 80 degrees.

John also spoke on an internet radio show, Joy in My House and we played with the Calvary Chapel Lakewood worship team for their Christmas worship.

We are building up for 2014 and London but first we have much to do. We are still raising support to go as full -time missionaries. We are probably at 50% monthly for the first year. They would like us there in April so your prayers and support are so greatly needed. This work will put us on the front line of the homeless and addicted in the center of London, a much needed work in a country where the belief in Christ and His work is diminishing.

Please pray for ASLAN and the Clubhouse, the name of the ministry and the place where we have been asked to serve. Please pray for the people being served and the establishment of a Christ-centered recovery ministry. Please pray for our preparation, both physically and spiritually.

Also, Mr K, Miss S and the leadership of ASLAN, would greatly appreciate being placed in your prayers and lifted up to our Lord and Savior.

May God bless you all this New Year and may you be filled with all He wants to bless you with!!!!

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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    Thank you Sally for your update. I always look forward to your posts.

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