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Emotions and Hidden Treasure

 Practically every day we hear of something that provokes feeling in us; intense anger, profound sadness or maybe simply pure happiness over something. What do we do when we are hurt, our child is hurt, a situation is unjust…? Do … Continue reading

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Affection: Something powerful.

Today we have a guest blogger, the director of Life Is Full of Choices, John Emra.  He is talking about affection, one of the four Core Needs. When we truly receive affection from each other for who we are, we … Continue reading

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L.I.F.O.C. Europe Trips this year

John and I have been praying for a while about what God would have us do this summer and two trips have slowly grown within us.   Doors are opening for us to go back East via Dallas and Tennessee.  We … Continue reading

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A Safe Place

As I am sitting in a really comfy chair, drinking red velvet french-pressed coffee, pondering the week,  my thoughts are drawn to goings-on this week. It has been a week of highs and some conflict moments.  Also, the realization of … Continue reading

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A word from John

Finally, at long last I was able to pick up the Addict’s Choices proof copy on Friday, Sally’s birthday, and of course we are all very excited!  We took pictures first thing, and then I (John) sat down to do … Continue reading

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A Quiet Day

4 1/2 hours by myself.  Just with God.  Our leader encouraged us to simply listen, quieten our noisy brains and be still for the first 30 minutes or so. Not the easiest thing to do!  We have such noisy and … Continue reading

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John loves to take pictures.  He will take pictures that simply reflect the simplicity and glory of God in His creation.  When John takes a picture, he has to stop, look intently and deeply at what image he wants to … Continue reading

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This is what it is all about!

We were sitting around the kitchen table yesterday having an impromptu table talk (our name for staff meeting) and our guest suddenly piped up with great exuberance, “John and Sheryl, (our directors) you showed me what this is all about. … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from The Addicts Choices

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From the Mountain-Top

One of the parts of our seminar on Overcoming Addictive Behaviors is learning to see life from the Mountain -Top, from God’s perspective rather than from the entanglement and mud of our own minds. Romans 12: 1,2 has been precious to me since my baptism … Continue reading

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