Cast, crutches and London

Life after Foot Operation, Week 7!!
No one can really prepare you for weeks without walking!!  I have seen life from a completely different perspective.  It is amazing that a corrective foot surgery can lead to so much dependence.  Although I hate to see what John, my hubby, is going through, is this so very bad.? Yes, of course I get extremely frustrated at times, until just recently I could not even negotiate two tiny steps between the bedroom and bathroom without sitting down.  I have to be waited on hand and foot, and well, getting downstairs . . . The words, I just cannot do that . . .are very humbling!

One thing that I have been confronted with is how complicated we make life, how much we fill it and just do not know how to stop.  The simplicity of the Gospel message has become very real and alive to me!!  This message needs to flood our lives, all our conversations and how we act in life.  Even as I seek to make my way, with a hurting foot, down the few steps it takes to get to the bathroom.  How I am reacting to this circumstance has everything to do with the Gospel.  It has everything to do with my heart!  Am I relying on Christ, my strength, my life or am I trying to save myself, failing royally and ending up in a crumpled, grumbling mess?  (this has happened on many an occasion, not proud!)

Isn’t that what we attempt to do all the time?  Try to save ourselves;  what is our first thought after hitting a tough time?  finding a hit? acting out a binge? a shopping spree? a new bet? the internet?

Let’s practice making the first thought; Christ our strength!

He has justified us, as Elyse Fitzpatrick says, just as if we have never sinned, not only that, just as if we have always obeyed.

Wow!  We do not deserve that!

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