The words on the window say, “I miss you!”

This is what many people will be facing this Christmas, greeting someone on Christmas Day via a computer. Maybe they have noone!

We have decided to keep out groups going throughout this season and at least one person sighed in relief, “Thank you so much, I have someone to talk to at a very lonely time of the year for me!

Please consider sponsoring someone for a year this Christmas. They may not have a life-controlling issue that you understand but it is very real for them and the battle is hard and long. Many are discovering a relationship with a living God, and discovering love for the first time.

100 dollars a month is about what it costs to help one person through the program at Free! Would you be a part of enabling 30 people to get a start on what they need to find freedom: Teaching tools, prayer partners, support group/prayer help many times a week, a 1-2-1 session per week plus any necessary signposting towards other help such as rehab centres etc.

This will make your support much more personal. John and I are really committed to continuing the work. A few months ago a major church, who was providing the equivalent of 3500 dollars a month towards this work and providing an umbrella organisation here in the UK, had to stop this provision. One of the reasons was the ability to provide for families in the church who had lost their livelihoods due to Covid-19. We understand this and God is providing. We do need your help to continue to reach an even wider world with the Gospel and Biblically tested help for those struggling with life-controlling issues.

How it works:

  1. You decide how much to give and then via the link (the main life is full of choices site) set up your recurring donation (or one-time gift).
  2. When we find out (this gets updated at the beginning of each month or you could let us know personally via email, we will send you a name to pray through this next year. We will also send monthly updates on their progress/struggles.
  3. This is a vital part of the ministry and we would love you to be a part.
  4. If you cannot give at this time we would love to send you a name anyway and you can still pray.