Everyday Moments

Wow that was a moment! Lord! I can’t solve this one! Wish I could!

As I was traveling on the train into work, I happened to be alone, or nearly alone, in our carriage. I was just staring out of this window, lost in my thoughts when something led me to turn around.  A young lady very normally and quietly walked to the trash bin, bent down, stuck two fingers in her mouth and without a sound, threw up, wiped her mouth and walked back to her seat. All over very quickly!  Now it could have been a very genuine situation, sickness, pregnancy but how easy it is to continue in a damaging habit, in full sight, yet isolated. Jesus, I pray for this young women……

Sharing my own testimony of depression was another moment last week and sharing with others affected by this awful condition. Jesus help me share with compassion, empathy and your life in me, reaching another.

Then there was having coffee with a beautiful young lady who has scars all over her body through self-harm, the moments of great pain with another who shared her story of date rape, a violation to the core of her being. One who has shut the pain away and the other who shed those grief stricken tears. Jesus, what do you want me to share in this moment, right now?

Beautiful time of group prayer for the very first time with the Recovery Group ladies coming out of a very intense moment, someone walked out in pain, another was deeply hurt….Jesus please help me navigate this moment in you. Bring something beautiful out of this intense brokenness.

Sharing coffee with the mother of a crack addict, herself a magistrate
who has convicted such people, now struggling with how to help her own son. Jesus please lead her to yourself.

These are just a few moments in my week.  Seems to be coming more normal.

Pictures of London, also a normal part of my week!














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