Feeling Vulnerable? Not a bad place to be!

Living in a city where power, achievement, money and extreme loneliness are common features, this morning’s message by Rico Tice was timely.

It is in God’s strength working through our weaknesses and inadequacies that we live our lives. The glory is all His. This truth also helps remind us that we need each other, we cannot walk this life alone. What a relief! What a Gospel! I don’t have to walk this life alone, in my own strength, my own ideas, putting myself first! I can relax!

This ministry John and I have embarked upon is not only challenging but it is impossible. Some people we talk to, and share our lives with, have such intense and tragic lives. They need hope. They need to get real, admit that they need help, that they have no real power or control. They need a Savior.  They need love and they need to learn how to love.  Don’t we all? We cannot convince them of this. We cannot cause transformation. Yes, we can give some life and even biblical principles but without the love of God, the mercy of our Savior and the power of the Holy Spirit true lasting change cannot take place.


Miss T. met with us recently. Her son had built up a credit card debt of 10,000 and had caused such tension in the family. Someone else shared that she is trying to understand her eating issues but the way she still thinks of herself? Mr K. has just lost his home and family because of his obsessive gambling habit. Tragic!

We need daily wisdom and your prayers as we walk alongside the extremely vulnerable. Sometimes, the vulnerable look like you and me and many are dressed in suits and really smart clothing. Hard to guess!

In reality we are all vulnerable, sinners in the need of a Savior. There is such freedom in admitting this; this is where hope begins. This is where we begin to learn that God delights in us and longs to have relationship with us.

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