Free! Recovery in Texas Working Remotely!

John and I have been in Texas, Rockwall to be precise, about 35 miles east of Dallas.  We have been here now for nearly 5 weeks.

We are living in a large caravan on the property of our friends, who have been so generous to us.  We have had 3 flights cancelled back to London and are not sure when we can get back.  

Here are pictures of where we are: 

This is our short-term home. It is our living room, our office and our production studio.
II love the yard. After the concrete of London, the skies and grass are so welcome!

We are working full-time, we are filming our weekly Recovery sessions so our participants back in London can see the sessions and then they join in support groups online via something called Zoom.  John spends much of his time talking with men and mentoring them through their problems. He is so very dedicated.  

John speaking outside, trying to find a stable place to talk on the phone as the phone connections are not very strong here.

We are accompanying between 40 and 50 people this term, all at home and many are struggling with making good choices regarding their addictive habits.  Many are finding freedom, peace and strength through the reading of God’s Word and faith in Christ. For some this is the opportunity they have needed to take a good look at the direction of their lives and have the strength and courage to make different choices.  Encouraging faith in Christ is the mainstay of our work.  The people we accompany need to have real hope in something/someone who is real and can truly help, when they feel isolated and alone. Please pray for them. 

On Sunday we are going to church in our living room, watching All Souls online.  This next Saturday I was going to play in the Albert Hall at an event known as Prom Praise.  That is now not possible so now it is going to be all online.  

About once a week we are enjoying Texan bbq, which is delicious.  We can go to a restaurant and order it from a window outside and then take it home.  We are well catered for, with plenty to eat and I have been building up my walking again, I have a goal of walking between 90 minutes and 120 minutes most days…not there yet and it has to be on a day when it is not too hot early or no thunderstorms, which are quite spectacular here.  

The local flowers are really beautiful, forget me nots, and other stunning ones. I also love watching the cows and calves walk around in the fields oblivious to what is happening in the world.  There are also some really interesting birds and of course bugs.  

Both of us feel very blessed to be away from London at this time.  We love the quiet and the countryside.  We can get together with our friends as we are all together on one property.  

In fact we would not be able to do our work as well in London from our flat.  I believe we were meant to be here for this time.  

My parents are in the UK, living with Anne and they are all self-isolating and will not surface until at least June. Both are well!  

We hope and pray all is well with you!

God Bless and lots of love!  

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