God's beauty is everywhere. He desires that His beauty reaches the heart of man on the inside.

God’s beauty is everywhere. He desires that His beauty, that which is found in Christ, reach the heart of man. Man must choose.

In 1987, Sally began working as a missionary with John and Sheryl Emra in East Los Angeles, California, with “at-risk kids” and their families.  She learned how to affect lives for Jesus with the ministry philosophy of “life is full of choices”.  Then in 1998, Sally began working in a church plant in Hamburg, Germany.

She spent five years there working alongside German Nationals, growing her love for women’s ministries, and embarking on MA studies in Biblical Counseling and Women’s Studies.

At the same time that Sally was a missionary in Hamburg, I (John) was playing bass for a Christian Blues band from 2000 to 2005, ministering to brothers and sisters in Christ, evangelizing, and doing a little ministry in a local prison.

God brought Sally back to the States where we met and were married in 2005.  That next year, while on a sightseeing tour in Germany (in order to give God a chance to talk to us about His will for our lives), the church in Hamburg invited us to come alongside them in the work of evangelism and discipleship.  They are hoping to plant another church in an area which has no witness.  It was on that trip that we both sensed God’s call on our lives to return to Europe as missionaries.

Since then we have asked God to grow our marriage, our faith and our ministry experience in preparation for this goal,  and in 2009 we had the opportunity to become full-time missionaries with Life is Full of Choices.

Sally’s experience working with kids in East Los Angeles, teaching English as a Second Language, and ministering Biblically to women, and John’s experience ministering to the homeless, the addict and those in prison, has given us a unique perspective we can use when we talk to people about the “affect the choices we make” have on each of our lives. Soon after our marriage we had the opportunity to do a course on Marriage and Family counseling together, which has helped us not only personally, but has been an invaluable tool with other ministries. For three years we ministered to children 4 ½ to 7 years old at Calvary Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. In June 2012, after much prayer, we sold most of our belongings and returned to California as full-time missionaries for Life Is Full Of Choices Europe. We are presently presenting seminars on Addictive Behaviors and John has completed his first book, The Addict’s Choices: from the Depths of Isolation to the Heights of True Deliverance. Sally is also in the process of completing a PhD in Biblical Counseling.

We are still committed to taking this to Europe as God wills.

As from Spring 2013 we have been beginning to venture into possibilities in England.  There is interest within one of the large, mission- oriented churches in the center of London.

October 2013: we have accepted an opportunity to lead a biblically based, Christ-centered recovery ministry in the center of London. We are hoping to begin work in September 2014.