Europe 2014

Life Is Full Of Choices is going to Europe!

John and Sally Childress have chosen to obey the call of God on their lives and are raising financial partners in order to go to London, UK.

They have a goal of being there within the next year, 2014, as God leads. As John and Sally say, “Whenever God has us there is good enough for us, whether it is sooner or later! We may move there and have our base there in Europe or there is a possibility, as the ministry grows here, especially to those in the world of addictive behavior, that we will have a base here and travel to and fro'”

John and Sally are at present living as missionaries in East Los Angeles, CA and seeking to raise awareness of LIFOC, which is helping people to make right choices in life, especially the ultimate choice of Jesus Christ

They have a heart for the lost; Sally loves to work with women and children, and John has a special love for the addict, and the prisoner. Together they work with families and individuals rebuilding lives with the love of Jesus. In 2012 John began writing his new book, “The Addict’s Choices: from the depths of isolation to the heights of true deliverance.” John and Sally are both presenting seminars helping others deal with their Addictive Behaviors, and not necessarily only hardcore addicts but normal everyday people struggling with their sinful habits.

John remarks, “We are looking forward to going, it will be challenging, but these people really need Christ. Northern Europe in general, is very materialistic on one hand, and atheistic on the other. They truly need to know they have a choice to be something different; firstly that it is possible to have a different life, a life that is not controlled by the ups and downs of addictive behaviors. We want to open up conversations about choice in general, especially with people who are hungry to know something different, who truly desire to experience freedom from their own entanglements. We hope that coming alongside people we will be able to point them to the ultimate choice: Jesus Christ. He is the only One to help them have everlasting change.

Sally replies,” I agree, totally. Some of you are wondering how John and I started on this adventure….” Read US for the rest of the story.

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