The Ultimate Choice

We have both made the ultimate choice: to follow Jesus as our
Lord and Savior.  We have both discovered that choosing to live  life without a living faith in Christ just has no long-lasting purpose.   John needed the trans-formative power of Jesus to realize his new identity apart from his addictive behaviors.  Sally needed Jesus’ trans-formative power to realize her new identity apart from a lifelong struggle with depression.  We still sin but we no longer have the identity of “sinner.” We have the identity of being children of God.  By His amazing love, mercy and grace! Our Savior calls you by His grace to be His child.  Your choice is to accept this call and believe that He is what He said He is; the Son of God who came to save the world by dying for you and me.

Here is a simple way to make this choice:

  1. Choose to accept the fact that you are a sinner, and that you need a Savior.
  2. Choose to repent (turn away) from your sin in prayer and ask Jesus for forgiveness.
  3. Choose to ask Jesus to come into your life and choose this day to follow Him.
  4. Choose to find a good church, where you can grow with other Christians.
  5. Choose to read the Bible everyday (the Gospel of John is a good place to start). It is now your spiritual food. Ask God what He wants you to know today.
  6. Choose to pray every day as you go about your daily life.

May God Bless you.  Please contact us if you want someone to talk to or if you desire further help.  We are very happy to spend time with you.


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