It has been a while and life has been very full. No other explanation!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend invited John and me in for a cup of tea.  Well, it was an interesting experience. We waited at the front door and then were quickly ushered in through the hallway, carpeted with mail, trash and new clothes.  The counters in the kitchen were invisible. I allowed myself a quick glance into the bedroom of this kind person, there was no carpet or floor to be seen, except paper and things.  This person is a hoarder.  His security is found in the possession of things and it had become unmanageable.  He also has a deep love for his Saviour and others.  He just needed some help.  This man had swung from being a compulsive cleaner to this.  He had had a heart attack four years prior to our visit and just couldn’t cope.  There is always a story behind the addictive behavior, usually very sad.

We are in the process of helping this dear man and friend.


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