Into the New Year…

Christmas is over for another year and John and I are regrouping for 2016.

As I contemplate 2015, I have to simply say, God is good.

No, life has not been perfect. I DEFINITELY have not lived perfectly. But that is not the point. God is perfect and sent His perfect  Son to pay for all imperfection (sin) in all of us. May we truly embrace the reality of this amazing grace in 2016.

As for addictive behaviour, this grasp of God’s gift to us is vital.

A young Christian who is struggling with an eating disorder wants to control every part of her life. She is holding on so tightly to her view of perfection that when the reality of life hits, she tries to control the only thing she thinks she can, her eating.  Except she fails and the binge happens.  Guilt and failure.  Learning to embrace God’s grace is hard.  One thought at a time, allowing time for her heart to change.  Replacing thought patterns that have dug in deeply is not an easy journey.  The flesh fights against the Spirit. Romans  7/8.  She is learning to worship her Saviour.  He is in control. We never will be.  We try. He is longing to show us His grace.


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