Introduction to Free! Recovery

We are Life is Full of Choices missionaries in London. Six years ago we began a ministry around a couple of tables on a Saturday afternoon, that grew into Free! Recovery. I remember the first participants; Chinese gamblers.

Free! Recovery is expanding.

Partnership opportunities! memo Childress

We are about creating safe places for people to begin to share their story, many for the first time, and helping them explore their life controlling issues through the lens of Christ and the Scriptures. Many are finding freedom, which is very humbling as they entrust us with often very traumatic backgrounds, which kick-started their journey with addictive behaviour and thought patterns.

Over the past six years we have had people come to us from a variety of backgrounds, from the homeless to church leaders, high up business people and doctors. They present with many issues; alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet porn, sexual issues, self-harm, fear, anger, eating issues, relationships, people come to us because they want to understand their friend or family member.

We are growing. We have churches, who desire to do the ministry we are doing. We need to train and multiply both in London, in the UK and now due to the pandemic, we are seeing the potential of reaching people worldwide. We are in need of partners. Would you be willing to contribute monthly to Free! Recovery and help that friend or loved one, or Christian brother or sister move from slavery to freedom in Christ?