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Updates on the last two Recovery meetngs in the center of London:

6th Dec.

This was an interesting meeting. We met in the kitchen area and there were five guests. We did a workshop on doing a “timeline.” This is a visual way of looking at a person’s own life story, good and bad and looking to see where God was present. Two people had apparent breakthroughs as they looked back and saw where God had protected and guided them.
This is a private activity and no one had to share, although one person really wanted to.
In AA writing a personal life story is encouraged as a healing journey. We chose to do this visually. This can really help those who do not do so well with a lot of words.
We also did a quiet prayer connection, which went very well: it is very difficult for people in a lot of pain to find any peace so these quiet moments can really help. We always focus on the presence of Christ as the one true “Higher Power.”

13th Dec.

Another really interesting meeting. We were back in the front lounge and this is the meeting where an open invitation is given to follow Christ. John had 5 guests in his men’s group and it became a very lively discussion as the men wrestled with God and suffering. Is God interested in them? Why does He allow so much suffering in life? “I think He has forgotten about me!” On the gal’s table we were all Christians, so we stopped and prayed for the hearts of these men.
Mr C stayed behind for an hour and talked with us. Mr P returned and had dinner with John, and they continued talking.
One of the women has noticeably grown throughout the Course and this is extremely encouraging as she deals with issues in her life, not necessarily what would be considered “normal” addictions. She came to understand more about a family member and discovered more about herself.

We are praying about continuing the Saturday Group and starting a full pilot of 18 weeks in 2015.

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