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We are on an amazing journey

This month has been filled with so many experiences. John and I have been worshipping together at our home church here in Los Angeles, Calvary Chapel, Lakewood. We are also very excited as they are now partnering with our missionary journey.

We had a great visit to a church in Hollywood, where worship, prayer and ministry to the vulnerable was a highlight. We have been invited back to share. Very encouraging.

A day conference for pastors and missionaries given in a Chinese church in Alhambra, we hear Paul Tripp sharing about pitfalls in leadership and the need to focus daily on the awe and glory of God.

John and I are making a point of worshipping and praying together daily. I believe this is impacting our lives greatly as we journey with God.

We are beginning the visa process for John to go to the UK.

We have a start date. The UK team want us to begin in September.

We are preparing to go to Phoenix, Arizona in just over a week. We will be spending a month there.

Lots of prayers!!!

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