Living in East LA

imagesJohn and I are living in East Los Angeles.  This is where our mission base is.  Last May we sold practically everything and moved here to live in community with LIFOC team members, and director, John and Sheryl Emra

Hard to believe but it is almost one year since we left Wilmington, NC.  We are really looking forward to seeing some of our friends in a few weeks.

Some thoughts as I look back over this year:

  • Somehow the bills have been paid.  Living in faith is not always easy.  However, I have the joy of sharing that my trust and surrender to our Savior is deeper now than one year ago.
  • Living in community is different.  This is a unique experience. We all work and live together under one roof.  The office is here, our team meetings are here, our living space is here.  John and I are also living 24/7 together.  However, I can truly say that our relationships are deeper and we are continually learning about what really matters.  When there are “issues,” of course conflict is expressed but soon we are all turning to God and asking Him what He wants us to know.  When He, the Living Christ, is truly the thread running through all of us, and we remember to live in Him, true community is restored.
  • It is different here in East Los Angeles.  Culture shock is often part of a missionary’s life.  It is no different here.  It is like mini-Mexico here.  Spanish is spoken all around us.  Little dogs run around everywhere.  Cars are double parked.  Fireworks and/or loud guns make me jump out of my skin sometimes at all hours.  Polka umpah music is a common night-time entertainment and also the sounds of three ice-cream vans at once, the loud voice of the Tamale lady.  She must surely be hoarse when she goes home.  But it is home because this is where God placed us this year.  
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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    I appreciate your sharing about your time in East Los Angeles with us. My John and I have learned and grown in our walk with Jesus because of living and working in community with you two. It is an honor and privilege for us to call you friends, co-workers, and family of God. Bless You both!!

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