London 2015

image London a fascinating mix of old and new. We are enjoying this city a great deal. A well known iconic structure and a celebration of a friend’s birthday.

This year has begun rather tragically with the loss of one of our prayer warriors at only 29 years old, a woman in her 50’s struggling with alcohol and a small baby of 15 months. Please be with the families in prayer.

These are sad times for families and loved ones.  However, it can be a wake-up call as we contemplate our own mortality and therefore our life with Christ.  Have we become complacent in our relationship with Him, taking many comforts for granted? Supposing all this was taken away, How would we cope? Do we know how to cope in the painful times of life? Or do we turn to things that take away the pain?  The Gospel message, in all its depth is what we need to cling to; Christ Himself, our Hope, our Life, our Joy.

Yes, things hurt, they are tragic, we do not have all the answers but we have Someone who promises to journey it all with us.  Keep on connecting with Him.

Yes a painful start to 2015 but we have great hope in our ministry. We have had a good start with our new Recovery support group.  Great talks with our ministry team, very encouraging.  A trip to Germany to visit friends and to check on the progress of the translation of John’s book into German.  Looks like it will be published at least as an e-book later this year.  We are looking forward to the start of the full Recovery Course in March and next week a group is kicking off to deal with all kinds of eating issues.

God is blessing us with amazing friends and connections here!!!  We are looking forward to our great friends and colleagues, John and Sheryl Emra coming in February for about 6 weeks.  We are going to be putting on a joint seminar on March 28.

So much has happened in such a brief time!!!  image    image

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