London Bustle

Phew!!  this is a very large and noisy city. We are on our feet a considerable part of our day.  I think last week I walked 27 miles on and off throughout the week.  John and I looked at each other recently and wondered if our bodies were ever going to adapt.  On the other hand what a privilege to walk along streets, which have existed for a long time, some centuries.

Our daily schedule is organised around travel to and fro from London central.  On a good day we can get into our work in just an hour.  We have to walk to the bus stop, about 5 minutes, then a 15 minute bus ride ( or a long walk, if I feel up to it) before catching a fast train into Victoria ( a station really close to Buckingham Palace).  Then a walk across the station to the tube and then either a two or three stop trip to work, followed again by walking up and down steps and a 10 minute walk.  We have to leave an hour and a half earlier then our first appointment in order to get there in time.  You can imagine how late we get home sometimes.

It is simply a different life, I take my computer, a book or simply lose myself in my thoughts or prayer as we journey into and out of town.

It is also a very expensive city and so we often think twice about eating out or it is grabbing a sandwich (also another cultural thing, you can get any sandwich under the sun here) or sometimes a cheap chinese meal or a “jacket potato” also filled with a plethora of choices.

Then there is the people;  on the buses and trains just this week I have heard Polish, Spanish, French and many others I cannot put a name to.  Rich and poor, tourist and native all sharing the same space.

Yes, there is plenty to do here, look carefully around.  If we turn aside from the bustle there are the beggars, the homeless, the addict and all kinds of vulnerable.

There are gangs here, after work the bars and pubs are overflowing with people drinking and smoking.  It is loud.  Then there are the prostitutes, the trafficked…..and on it goes.

Please God, we cannot help them all.  Help us cross paths with all those YOU desire us to touch, those who are ready for a touch from YOU, a new life in YOU.




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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    Wow – noise, people, walking, listening, talking, sharing, and living a life poured out for Christ. Every one of your senses are being bombarded and yet you are always on the look out for the one person(s) Christ directs you to. Being a missionary is not just a job but a life style. A never ending stream of doing. I am praying for your ability to discern each day what is important in Christ’s eyes. May you and John be filled with the Holy Spirit and in His love and care. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. We love you!!!

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