London’s Other Side

Most people think of London as a tourist centre, a place for holidays or a special weekend away.

This morning we spent four hours at a day centre, serving 90 homeless men and women; people who are trying to survive surrounded by people oblivious to their journey; just walking past them, enjoying the sights. We also love the sights but that is not our #one reason for being here.

We met Mr. D, a heroine addict this past week, lost his wife and kids due to his habit, there was Ms M. from Eastern Europe, missing her children desperately, not able to find work with a good enough wage to live. Mr. D has a gambling problem, lost all money and can’t seem to stop, yet at least has started to talk….just a few of many stories we are starting to hear.

Our first task is to listen; not so easy when people have strong accents, jumbled sentences and missing teeth due to malnourishment and often meth. use.

There is hope, Mr D has started to carry a Bible and has hope to find something apart from his gambling. Mr M, a former heroine addict from the Far East truly wants to help others, still on the streets but reaching out. A few street people have started to come to the 6:30 evening service at All Souls. Mr S. Is one of these precious souls, who loves Jesus. The volunteers we work alongside are so dedicated and work extremely hard.

Please think of, and pray for, us and these dear people as we all try to find hope in this rather enormous city.

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  1. Bonita Lovette says:

    Hi Sally and John, hope you are well and have been thinking of you!

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