Maybe just once is enough!

Internet AddictionThe Recovery Course has been going well this Fall, with over 50 people participating, and over 20 regulars.  The exciting thing is that even visiting one time can have an impact.

Meet Dennis:

Dennis came once, then disappeared.  It happens.  Frightened off, not ready to give up, maybe faith issues?

A few weeks later, at church, he brushes past John and to John’s surprise says that he has something to share but not at church, in public.

More time passes and a guy stops me (Sally) at church and says that he wants to tell his story.  Dennis had been an upright guy at church and just heard about the Recovery course through promotion at church. His wife had been nagging him about a specific sin (internet addiction) and had asked him to do something about it. He didn’t think it was a big deal. Yes, he was a Christian but he wasn’t going out “there” hurting others, it was a private affair.  He loves his wife so decided to just go to the Recovery Course.  He told me he was so convicted that one time of attending, so much so that he went home, asked his wife for forgiveness, put his life right with God and realized that his sin was bigger than he had thought and HAD been affecting his spiritual walk.

He is now willing to share his story.

I will not put God in a box and if someone only comes once….maybe it is enough!!!!



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