Meet a couple of our guests

We asked Mr. T to share his story with us, imagine a very thick Irish accent: “ I grew up in Ireland and had a pretty traumatic childhood. My father misused me in unimaginable ways. I watched my father with my mother’s sister and my mother stood by and did nothing to protect me. Alcohol and drugs became ways to dull the pain. Of course God was simply a distant figure, always pointing the finger and never satisfied. I find it difficult to see God as a loving figure, why did he allow all of this to happen? I know that I should really think of good things but I cannot stop thinking about the past. It has such a hold on me. I know I should give up my one-night stands to satisfy my lust ….but I get so lonely. I do believe in Jesus but I have a lot of questions….”

Ms. S then shared in a very East London accent: “ My dad was just abusive, in fact I told lies to avoid him, threw myself into school and only came home when I had to. Alcohol and drugs became my friend. Oh yes and then I was raped…. I learned how to control what I could and eating was one thing I could control, so I became severely anorexic along with bulimia, in fact to the point that a doctor gave me 6 months to live if I didn’t choose to make some changes. It was at this point in my life that I met Jesus…….”
John and I are growing to love our guests and we truly desire for them to know and experience the freedom that Christ can bring. It is a long road of new choices for many of them. Please pray for The Recovery Course beginning on March 4 and the Support Group on Saturdays that Jesus will transform many lives and that the guests will begin to make good choices. Also pray for people to come; those who need this ministry right now. It takes much courage to walk through the door to admit they need help. Last week, one new guy came in but he has tremendous difficulty in asking for help. He is on the streets, finding solace in alcohol (his arms were all cut up with self-harming) but thinks he has to make it on his own. Yes, there is pride out there on the streets!!!! He has missed a meeting now, and is nowhere to be found, please pray for Mr. G.

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