My Experience, “On the Air!”


Joy in My HouseOn June 7th , I had the blessing of being on the Christian TV Show, Atlanta Live!  The previous several days we got to spend time with some of our favorite people and do a small retreat.  As the time for the TV show got closer, so did the level of nerves I experienced!  When the time finally came, and I was called up on stage to “the couch” the Lord blessed me abundantly by dispelling all of my nerves!  I did as directed and kept my conversation directed to Rick and Tanya and the time flew by!!  It was awesome and the Lord blessed me so richly, and the experience was pain free.


Sally and I continue to pray that those that heard the interview are blessed.  This show has an audience of somewhere between 2 million and 6 million, and it is our prayer, and we pray yours also, that those in need were reached with the love of Jesus.  We are hoping that the impact will continue via You Tube:


Last Sunday, July 14th I was again blessed by our Lord with another interview.   This time the interview was on an internet radio station that is also podcast live with video called; Joy in My House, out of Los Angeles, right by the airport.


This time I hardly experienced any nerves at all, and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Who would have ever thought that would happen?  I got a C- in Oral Communications in college, public speaking has never been my forte, yet, the Lord not only provided me with everything I needed, but peace, and joy too!  Praise the Lord for His loving kindness, grace, and answering prayer…

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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    We are praising God for what He is doing in you and through you.

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