July 2014

In Prison and On the Road

My lovingkindness, and my fortress, my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and He in whom I take refuge; Psalm 144

One of the guests we will be meeting in London!!!

I (John) was blessed with the opportunity once again; to share at CIW (California Institute for Women) in Corona on June 11th!  We had previously spoken about each of our needs for affection, boundaries, consistency, and discipline, so  I spoke about choices, our responsibilities for all of the choices we make, and how circumstances not only affect us, but also those around us.

These women that are attending the recovery classes do so voluntarily, knowing that this is a faith-based program.  Even though some of these women will never see  freedom from institutionalism in their lives, they do have the freedom that Christ gives each of us, and have chosen to be part of this program seeking growth in their relationship with the Lord, and each other.  Please lift these ladies up in prayer!

We were on the road once again, going to Sonora and Elk Grove, California.  On Monday, June 16th we shared once again with the Jamestown Christian Fellowship Recovery group.  These   brothers and sisters are always a blessing!  They are open and transparent and ready to hear what the Lord has for them, and sometimes that is hard to hear.  One of our sisters there is really having a tough time with depression, learning to make godly choices in spite of her feelings.  Please pray for “Sylvia”. 

On July 11th, Sally and I will be leaving California and driving to the east coast!  Our first stop is Phoenix, then Dallas, and on to Wilmington, North Carolina!  We have recently received an email about my UK Visa Application. They have asked for additional documentation that has been difficult to obtain; but thank the Lord we were able to gather what we could and email it to the appropriate authorities.  Please pray that my Visa Application is processed with expediency, in order to leave as planned.
Please keep us in your prayers as we journey across our beautiful country for the final few weeks before we fly to London to start the Addictions & Homeless ministry at the Clubhouse for All Soul’s church.

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