Latest Newsletter: May 2014


Excitement in London!

All Souls church, in London, recently held their annual church meeting, and the first topic on the schedule was the new and upcoming Christ-based addictions ministry!  Sally and I are blessed and humbled at the outpouring of love that we have experienced, but also their complete support.  God is awesome!!

Christian Al anon

Recently, in San Diego, Sally and I had the privilege of sharing with a Christ-based Al Anon group.  This was an eye-opener for me, to see addiction from the other side; from the viewpoint of those adversely affected by those who have addictions, usually loved ones.  They told stories of having been lied to, stolen from, cheated on, and used by loved ones, who were in the midst of their devastating addictive behaviors. You would expect the group to be simply venting about their horrible circumstances, but no, the point of this group is to grow in Christ in the middle of these circumstances; even to humbly realize how much they have enabled the addictive behavior. Many have had to make the tough, painful choice to throw their child out of the home and not continue to contribute to the damaging habit. What a loving, supportive group as they live this out.

Celebrate Recovery

In San Diego, Sally and I had the blessing of sharing with two Celebrate Recovery groups, one in San Diego, the other in Imperial Beach!  The first was a smaller group, quite intimate and the Lord really blessed our time in sharing!  The next one was truly intimidating for me!  I walked up to the front, the tented room was dark, about 75 people were present and all I could see were the lights glaring at me.  I so love connecting with people, seeing their faces and reactions,  but this happened later at the book table as people shared with me their struggles and stories of pain, hope and freedom.

Then on April 22nd, we had the opportunity to share at a new CR meeting at South Pasadena United Methodist Church.  This group is working towards it’s official launch, but already they have a vibrant group of believers seeking a new life free from their addictions in Jesus Christ.  Again, what a great time!  This is a tremendous learning time for us as we are preparing to lead a similar ministry in London!

 God’s Waiting Room

During this time of ministry the Lord Jesus has called us to, it is rife with challenges that require consistent faith and reliance on the Lord!  We ask for your prayers as we continue to raise awareness and financial support, including one-time gifts, for the this ministry journey to help those addicted and homeless in London.  Thank you!





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