We are really excited about the development of our seminars.  They have been a wonderful journey for us, honing our skills in speaking in front of others.  Through our own stories, full of personal choices, seen in the light of God’s grace and mercy, He has spoken powerfully to us.  This is a message of hope and joy!

The seminars also connect us with a suffering world.  Conversations begin and only God knows the path, but they are exciting to us.  We are deeply humbled  by this opportunity.

The seminars are not meant to replace any program.  They can be used to kick-start a discipleship/recovery journey in a local church.

They can also come alongside other discipleship programs.

They are also not just meant for the hard-core addict.  We all have “issues” of addictive behaviors in our lives.  This is a time to take some time-out and assess where we are in our lives, and see if God wants to “tweek” our lives in a more radical way.

The seminars present three tools, a brand new section on emotions and help with distinguishing the voice of temptation from our own and God’s voice (always weighed against Scripture, God is never contradictory).

1. Connection with God: without a real, living connection to a living God in a personal way, recovery becomes simply an act of the will.

2. Four Core Needs:  it is important to discover these tools and understand why they are so important.

3. Three Cornerstones: Some powerful principles of choice, coming out of inner city work with gang kids, which can be used in any life-situations.  Life-changing principles to develop strong character


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  1. Ian says:

    So where is this event? March 7th? I don’t see a location.

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