This morning I was sitting, pondering the day and waiting for the worship service to begin.  There was a young woman seated two chairs away from me with a cast on her leg and a multi-colored right eye. Not wanting to jump to conclusions but alarms were ringing in my head!  I chose to simply engage her in conversation and let me tell you her story. It moved me deeply:

Shelly had been dating someone who she liked very much but who, it turns out, had spun her a tale.  He assured her that he was not married and that there was no-one else in his life.  Sadly, an all too-common tale.  Just over a week ago as she was walking alone, a car stopped and out jumped a rather angry woman.  This woman started violently beating and hitting Shelly, then left.  Shelly was left on the street hurting, a badly damaged knee cap and bruises all over her, including a black eye.  This woman was the wife of the guy she had been dating.  This same guy just stood by and watched!! Shelly was hurting both on the inside and the outside!

Shelly then made a really good choice.  She called a friend, who came over.  This friend went to Jamestown Christian Fellowship.  Anna prayed for Shelly and as she was praying, Shelly felt her knee cap pop and the pain lifted.  At the same time, she had a sense that there was a God, who deeply loved her.  Over the last week, with Anna’s help, she has grown to an understanding that she has a Savior, who died for her and Shelly had a moment when she knew that God had forgiven her.  She began to cry.

She chose to be at church this morning and is choosing to read the Word of God, in fact she is devouring the Word.

Shelly was fascinated by my accent and this gave me the opportunity to share that this year I will have known my Savior for 30 years.  I encouraged her to stay the course and choose every day to keep on going in Him.  Pray for Shelly (name changed).

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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    Praise God for the way He moves and draws us to Himself.

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