Starting a New Church Plant in Hamburg

We have just returned from a 3 week stay in Europe.  One of the goals of this trip was to meet with the leadership of  a church plant in Niendorf, Hamburg.  This was the church plant Sally was in during her 5 year stint as a single missionary in Germany.  This was John’s fifth trip to Europe and third to Germany.

Lars and Veiko, the pastors of the church, asked us again (the third time) if we were still willing to be a part of a church planting team to establish a new fellowship in another area of Hamburg.  This was a confirmation of what we sensed God was calling us to do.  Their vision is to eventually plant a new church in every major area of Hamburg.  This is exciting!!!!  They hope to have an idea of where to go within the next 6 months.

We are praying for the area, yet to be decided, where we will eventually set up home.  We have already begun to pray for our future neighbors and friends.

We will be using the tools of Life is Full of Choices to reach people for Christ in this area.

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