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Pain Behind the Smile

Sometimes it is good to simply smile! The action can help you feel better even if just for a moment. However, sometimes I feel like the Psalmist in Psalm 73, “My flesh and my heart may fail…..” Just sometimes I … Continue reading

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The Normal Missionary Life

  John and I love penguins!  We have a variety at home just like this motley bunch in the picture.  Everyone is different, from the size to the emotions they seem to express.  My life feels and looks like this. … Continue reading

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The Choice to be Alone

The choice to be alone is sometimes not all that easy. We often live very busy lives, full of noise and distractions. Even when we are “alone” we are not really alone. The distractions of life in this technological, computer … Continue reading

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This morning I was sitting, pondering the day and waiting for the worship service to begin.  There was a young woman seated two chairs away from me with a cast on her leg and a multi-colored right eye. Not wanting … Continue reading

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