Pastor Nate Aanderud

The Addict’s Choices is a refreshingly transparent and unique look into the mindset of an addict. The title makes it clear that an addict is not a simple victim, but does have choices (p.143). The strength of this book is that it presents practical tools for anyone seeking hope and freedom.

John presents different examples of the biblical concept of “put off” and “put on”, where each of us – whatever our addiction – have a choice to either follow the philosophy of this world and our own desires, or to be transformed by renewing our mind according to God’s Truth. John reminds us that when we mix God’s will with our choices, failure and pain is the result (p.234). It’s about submitting to Him and His Word completely where we can find victory, healing and freedom.

My prayer is that this book will help the churches begin to address the reality of addiction among its members, whether it is addiction to substances, sex, food or people’s approval, etc. We can no longer keep our head in the sand thinking that our own members do not struggle with various addictions. This book could be the catalyst to helping churches begin to openly discuss those things that enslave us. We cannot fulfill the command to “carry one another’s burden” (Gal.6:2) without being open about the issues that face us today. This book will encourage the discussion of such issues in the spirit of grace.”

Nate Aanderud is the Pastor of Family Ministries and Celebrate Recovery at Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Rolling Hills Estates, CA and is the Director of Family Impact.

Pastor Nate Aanderud
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